Environment, Climate Change
AIPSN Foundation Day
Research and Higher Education
Agnipath Scheme
NCERT Text Book changes
75 years of Independence
COVID19 Response Statements and letters
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AIPSNStatementCorbecax22Mar2022OnLrHd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatement22Mar2022-Corbevax.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNPressRelease29Sept2021-WHO-Covaxin-EUA-LrHdsd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatement-WHO-Covaxin-EUA-29Sept2021.pdf Pdf English
epw-scientistsappeal-05062021.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNCallNewStrategiesVacProd-2021May31withendorsements.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatementOnGovtPhase3VaccineStrategy21Apr2021.pdf Pdf English
OdiaAISPNStatement2ndwave.pdf Pdf Odia
HindiAIPSNStatement2ndwave.pdf Pdf Hindi
HindiAIPSNPositionPaper2ndwave.pdf Pdf Hindi
AIPSNStatementCovidSecondWave14Apr2021OnLrHd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatementCovidSecondWave14Apr2021wolrhd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNPosnPaperCovidSecondWave14Apr2021wolrhd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatement-on-CovaxinPhase3InterimResults-7Maronlrhd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNStatement-on-CovaxinPhase3InterimResults-7Marwolrhd.pdf Pdf English
Hindi-AIPSN-Statement-Vaccine-Rollout-15Jan2021.pdf Pdf Hindi
AIPSN-Statement-Vaccine-Rollout-15Jan2021unsd.pdf Pdf English
AIPSN-Statement-Vaccine-Rollout-15Jan2021wolrhd.doc Document English
unsdAIPSNStatement-VaccineApprovals-6Jan2021.pdf Pdf English
HindiAIPSN Postion paper-Vaccine.pdf Pdf Hindi
AIPSNPositionPaper-Vaccine-Politics16Dec2020.pdf Pdf English
unsdAIPSN-EUA-Vaccine-12Dec2020.pdf Pdf English
AIPSN-statement-on-Vaccines-and-IPR.pdf Pdf English
AIPSN5JulyStatementonVaccinesandDrugs.pdf Pdf English
Bengali-JSA-AIPSNstatementonPost3rdMay-measures.pdf Pdf Bengali
SummaryofPost-May3-LockdownStatement.pdf Pdf English
JSA AIPSN statement_Post-May3_Lockdown.pdf Pdf English
Bengali-JSA-AIPSNstatementonPrivateHealthcare280420.pdf Pdf Bengali
Hindi-JA-AIPSN28Apr-roleofpvtsector.pdf Pdf Hindi
Tamil-JSA-AIPSN28Apr-roleofpvtsector_0.pdf Pdf Tamil
Summary-of-RoleofpvtsectorduringCovid19.pdf Pdf English
JSA & AIPSN Statement -Role of private sector during Covid19_28April.pdf Pdf English
KSSPPress Release (Eng) 28.04.20.pdf Pdf English
Summary-health-worker-rights-Position-Paper.pdf Pdf English
Position-Paper-Health-Worker-Rights_Final.pdf Pdf English
PHM-Statement-in-Defence-of-WHO_20-4-20.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNResponse-to-PM-140420vsc.pdf Pdf English
Hindi-ResponsetoPMstatement.pdf Pdf Hindi
Kannada-responsetoPMstatement.pdf Pdf Kannada
Third update_Final_April 12_JSA & AIPSN.pdf Pdf English
Lockdown Extension statement .pdf Pdf English
Tamil-lockdownextension-statement.pdf Pdf Tamil
ResponsetoGovtAffdvttoSupCourt.pdf Pdf English
Press Release_JSA & AIPSN_Final_April 7.pdf Pdf English
PressRelease5Apr2020.pdf Pdf English
2ndApril-Update-COVID19-JSA-AISPN.pdf Pdf English
11-JSA-AIPSN statement on PPE_v1.pdf Pdf English
08 JSA advisory on health systems preparedness Apr 2 v1.pdf Pdf English
AIPSN-JSA-statement-on-lockdown_essential-services_0.pdf Pdf English
Hindi-AIPSNJSA-statement-Lockdown_0.pdf Pdf Hindi
Tamil-AipsnJSA-Statement-Lockdown_0.pdf Pdf Tamil
aipsnjsa-lrtoPM_0.pdf Pdf English
24thMarchStatementUpdate_1.pdf Pdf English
24MarchHindiAipsnJSAupdate.pdf Pdf Hindi
24thMarchOdiyaAipsnJSAupdate_0.pdf Pdf Odia
bengali24thMarchupdate.pdf Pdf Bengali
tamil-aipsn-jsa24thMarch2020statement_0.pdf Pdf Tamil
Telugu-24thMarch-update_0.pdf Pdf Telugu
FinalStatement-COVID19_0.pdf Pdf English
BackgroundPaperFinal-COVID19_0.pdf Pdf English
PSM-MPlrtoCM_0.pdf Pdf Hindi
01 Provisional Statement-COVID19_0.pdf Pdf English
02-BackgroundPaper-COVID19_2.pdf Pdf English
Education Survey during Covid by PSMs
Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture
Science and Reason
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JavedUPCaseAIPSNStatement7Sept2021.pdf Pdf English
NEP2020 Campaign
COVID19 Response AIPSN JSA posters, booklets, press
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BGVS-booklet-on-Omicron-web.pdf Pdf Hindi
Learning-from-TN_29Nov2021_0.pdf Pdf English
VacHin12poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin11poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin10poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin9poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin8poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin7poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin6poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin5poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin4poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin3poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin2poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacHin1poster.jpg Image Hindi
VacEng19poster.jpg Image English
VacEng18poster.jpg Image English
VacEng17poster.jpg Image English
VacEng16poster.jpg Image English
VacEng15poster.jpg Image English
VacEng14poster.jpg Image English
VacEng13poster.jpg Image English
VacEng12poster.jpg Image English
VacEng11poster.jpg Image English
VacEng10poster.jpg Image English
VacEng9poster.jpg Image English
VacEng8poster.jpg Image English
VacEng7poster.jpg Image English
VacEng6poster.jpg Image English
VacEng5poster.jpg Image English
VacEng4poster.jpg Image English
VacEng3poster.jpg Image English
VacEng2poster.jpg Image English
VacEng1poster.jpg Image English
Covid19-Ekbal-TNSF-PSL-talk-23May2020.pdf Pdf English
COVID 19 What can govts do .pptx Presentation English
COVID 19 What can govts do .pdf Pdf English
Ethanol from Rice: Let Them Eat cake! | NewsClick.pdf Pdf English
english-classprejudice.jpg Image English
Kannada-Coronavirusepidemic.pdf Pdf Kannada
7thingstodoforPM.pdf Pdf English
Tamil10Apr-Theekathir-PRarticle.jpg Image Tamil
Tamil10Apr-Theekathir-PRarticle.pdf Pdf Tamil
COVID 19 By Dr. Jeetendra Singroul 1.pdf Pdf Hindi
bgvsCoronabooklet.pdf Pdf Hindi
odiacorona.pdf Pdf Odia
HPcoronabooklet.pdf Pdf Hindi
HPleaflet.pdf Pdf Hindi
JVVAPinterview.jpg Image Telugu
tamilvignanasiraguCorona.pdf Pdf Tamil
Bengali-Corona Virus-pbvm-Leaflet.pdf Pdf Bengali
Bengali-Corona-HowtoprepareHandSanitizer-pbvm.pdf Pdf Bengali
Bengali-CoronaVirusPoster-pbvm.jpg Image Bengali
Corona-7stepsofhandwashing-pbvm-poster.jpg Image
Corona-PaperMask-pbvm.jpg Image
Hindi-CoronaVirus-pbvm-Leaflet.jpg Image Hindi
Nepali-CoronaVirus-pbvm-Leaflet.jpg Image
Urdu-CoronaVirus-pbvm-Leaflet.jpg Image
aipsnposter-lockdown.jpg Image English
bengali24thMarchupdate_0.pdf Pdf Bengali
bengali1-pbvmposter_0.jpg Image Bengali
bengali2-pbvmposter_1.jpg Image Bengali
Bengali3-pbvmposter_1.jpg Image Bengali
stepstakenKerala_1.pdf Pdf English
Tamil-corona-tnsf_1.pdf Pdf Tamil
tamil1-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil2-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil3-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil4-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil5-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil6-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil7-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil8-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil9-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil10-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil11-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil12-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil13-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil14-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
tamil15-tnsfposter.jpg Image Tamil
hindi-corona leaflet (4 page).pdf Pdf Hindi
Bengali- Important Note 280320.pdf Pdf Bengali
Hindi- Important Note 280320.pdf Pdf Hindi
Covid 19 KSSP Initiatives.pdf Pdf English
odisa-Corona Activity Photo District wise.pdf Pdf Odia
HP-Mandi-activity.pdf Pdf Hindi
HaryanaGVS-report.pdf Pdf Hindi
Hindi-Bgvs-Covid 19.pdf Pdf Hindi
Covid 19 Parcha 1 Symptoms and spread.jpg Image Hindi
Covid 19 Parcha 1 Symptoms and spread.jpg Image Hindi
Statement related to SciHub
Condolence Statement
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RoddamNarasimha-AIPSNCondolenceResoln.pdf Pdf English
Response to draft Health Data Management Policy (HDMP) -with related aspects of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM)
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AIPSN2MoHFW-on-NDHMDataPolicy2020unsd.pdf Pdf English
Joint Letter on Aarogya Setu by IFF, JSA, AISPN, FMES and other organisations and concerned individuals
AIPSN Joint Campaign with AIDWA
National Convention of AIPSN on Medical Education and Strengthening of Public Health Care Services
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AIPSNHealthDec2019-1concept note.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2Schedule_0.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-3Writeup.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-1.1 Public Health and Disruption- Prasada Rao.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-1.2Saving&StrengtheningPublicHealthServices.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-1.3UHC-HWC.pdf Pdf English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-1.4 TRIBAL HEALTH CHALLENGES- Ram Kishan.pptx Presentation English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2.1 Universal Health Coverage.pptx Presentation English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2.2De-privatisation in healthcare in India.ppt Presentation English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2.3 access to medicines.pptx Presentation English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2.4 mobilising to save public services- Abhay Shukla.ppt Presentation English
AIPSNHealthDec2019-2.5 AIPSN RTH_0.pptx Presentation English
Total available Abstracts Formatted.pdf Pdf English
Coastal Resource Management_0.pdf Pdf English
Final Schedule Coastal convention_0.pdf Pdf English
SSF and livelihoods - an overview_0.pdf Pdf English
Socio-economic Impacts of Climate Change in Odisha_0.pdf Pdf English
Raghu-Inaugural-CC-Oceans&Coasts-Overview-08Feb2020.pdf Pdf English
Raghu-Ennore-CC&Cities.pdf Pdf English
MARINE FISHERIES (Regulaation and Management) Bill 2019.pdf Pdf English
Climate change impact in odisha.pdf Pdf English
Interventions in the Law of the Land.pdf Pdf English
Coastal_Area_Development.pdf Pdf English
Climate Change related vulnerabilities and measures to combat.pdf Pdf English
Ennore ppt 7th feb 2020.pdf Pdf English
Agriculture on the coasts_Raghu Menon.pdf Pdf English
Science Popularisation
About DNEP2020 and DNEP2019
Appeal Elections 2019
Power Point Presentations
Poster Sets_Science and Technology
Posters Sets_Science and Reason
Poster Sets_Development for Whom?
Plays, songs and poetry in Hindi
NSTD Brochure
Ask Why School Experiments
Other Talks
Dr.Dhabolkar’s Talks

Marathi , English, Hindi, Kannada

Updating the notion of Scientific Temper
Appeals to Join and Support NSTD, Signature Campaign
Ask How Campaign Jan 23-Jan 30
Delhi Workshop 2019
BGVS-AIPSN Education Manifesto

People’s Manifesto on Literacy and Education of All India People’s Science Network and Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti

Jan Swasthiya Abhiyan Health Manifesto Election 2019
Appeals to Join and Support NSTD, Signature Campaign
NSTD materials